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Personal Training

Want to get healthy but hate the gym scene?  Come try a private workout with Lindsay who is a Master Level Personal Trainer with numerous certifications and over 10 years of experience.  She and the studio are cool and welcoming and you will leave feeling empowered and healthier.  Her style makes the work-out enjoyable, humorous and challenging.  Start with a 30 minute session and see how quickly she can transform your strength and your attitude towards fitness. 

“The Divine Experience” Yoga + Table Massage

This is the ultimate treat! This two hour experience is about 45+ minutes of personalized yoga mixed with Thai massage followed by a one hour table massage. Yoga lovers if you ever wanted a real treat, indulge in this amazing service offered by Lindsay. $125 (no tips please)

One-on-One Yoga

A one-on-one yoga session is great way to get a yoga experience that is tailored to you and only you.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, a private session with Lindsay is an amazing gift to your self.  It includes lots of amazing adjustments and blends in Thai Massage.  With some of the most affordable rates in the area most people choose to come in once a week.  "It is a life changer.  The benefits and the feelings you get when you are done out last those of a traditional massage." 

Personal Training and One-on-One Yoga:  30 min: $35      60 min: $60   Buy 6 or more at: $30/$55ea

Note:  Most people mix up their sessions depending on their mood and needs that day.  You can alternate between training and yoga, do only yoga or training or even do a session where we start with training exercises then end with yoga.  All sessions can have the option to include some thai massage.

           Please contact Lindsay about group pricing or for parties (great for bachelorettes).

Coconut Oil Table Massage

Lindsay has been a body worker and Yoga teacher for the past 14 years.  Her experience and intuition towards each individuals body allows her to give you exactly what your body needs and wants.  "There is a vast difference between a mindful massage and one that is done simply mechanically."  She uses a variety of tools which can include hot stones, aroma therapy, marma pressure points, sen lines, stretches and more, to work your muscles in an effort to bring balance back into the energetic body and health back to the physical body and muscular tissue.  Massage has profound healing effects as it can help mobilize stuck tissue, fascia and muscles that have become bound causing pain, it increases blood flow to areas of the body that may have become stagnant blocking the flow of prana to that area.  Massage has been used for healing the body and alleviating pain for centuries and is an art that has become hallow by many practitioners who are over worked, therefore lessening it's healing medicinal effects.  When properly administered the health benefits are too numerous to mention but include: relief of low back pain, boost immunity, reduce scar tissue, reduce migraines, helps with depression and anxiety, increases joint flexibility and so much more.  Lindsay strives to give each individual the gift of metta.  To read more about Lindsay's massage philosophy see below.

Table Massage: 60 Min-$75   90 Min- $95    Contact Lindsay for specials


Nutritional Analysis


Ever wonder how many calories your body burns at rest?  Do you know how many calories you should be consuming every day based on your body fat %, activity level and personal fitness goals?  Do you know what your protein requirements are?  Well look no further!  Lindsay is a UVM educated Nutritionist and Food Scientist (B.S.) major who can help you understand your own personal nutritional needs and help you come up with an eating plan that you can not only live with but will actually enjoy.  Stop buying diet pills, diet food and diet plans and start a new approach that will save you money and stress.   Make your way to a healthier, happier you.  "When is comes to what we eat, passion and intention supersede everything.  Every bite is an exercise in savoring life."  "Everything we put in our bodies is either medicine or poison."  Eating right really can be wonderful... 

Nutritional Analysis w/ mean plan: $120


Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

This Massage is performed on the floor in loose comfortable clothing.  You receive the benefits of a Yoga practice without any effort of work.  The masseuse will stretch and tone your muscles for you while also giving you the benefits and joys of traditional massage as she kneeds, palms and thumbs the muscular tissue along the Sen lines of the body.  Thai Yoga Massage is a relaxing way to improve circulation, relieve muscular tension and spasm, boost your immune system, speed metabolism, bring you mental calmness and balance the energetic body.  Lindsay has been blessed to teach Thai massage and is a student under the teaching of Sukha Wong of Lotus Palm.  Thai Bodywork is done in comfortable clothing on a soft mat on the floor.   To read more about Thai massage scroll done to Massage Philosophy.

Thai Yoga Massage: 90 Min-$125   60 min -$80


Massage Philosophy: The therapeutic basis of Thai Massage and Lindsay's table massage techniques is strongly rooted in Anatomy and Physiology and the Indian healing art of Ayurveda which translates to "Life Knowledge" and is a concept of harmonious living. According to yogic philosophy there are 72,000 energy lines (Nadis) running through our bodies (koshas). Obstruction to these channels of energy can result in spiritual, mental and physical imbalances which may be manifested into emotional problems, disease or discomfort. Of the 72,000 lines 10 have been identified that are of significant importance (Sip Sen lines) which are connected to pressure points (Marmas). Massaging, stretching and working these sen lines is an ancient tradition of healing by which you can reduce arthritis, anxiety, menstrual problems, headaches/migraines, back pain, digestion issues and more, and can promote a deep sense of relaxation and connectedness. Sen Lines and prana flow can only be detected by experienced and practiced individuals who use metta (loving-kindness) and a deep sense of practiced intuition. The Lotus Palm method of which Lindsay is a student aims to bring the art of Thai massage, which has been all but lost and began as more of an assisted Hatha yoga practice, back to it's ancient Ayurvedic roots. She blends her western A&P knowledge to make sure the body is safely and effectively healed and alleviated, all with metta. In fact Thai Massage was originally practiced in Buddhist temples and monks used it as an extension of their spiritual practice, by giving metta to the recipient. It is the physical application of loving kindness, a gift from the masseur. If done properly and with right intention Massage can be transforming, especially if the masseur practices mindfullness, awareness, concentration and meditates daily. If we offer the recipient of our massage compassion, unconditional love and metta then the healing effects of that massage w


Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga

Whether you are an experienced paddle boarder or never been in on the water in your life, a SUP Yoga session with Lindsay is an amazing experience.  She is exceptional at what she does and you are sure to love this unique SUP experience.  New to yoga?  No worries!  As an E-RYT with over 3000 hours of teaching experience she will be able to guide you through a practice that is right for you.  Come feel the breeze, with the clouds as your drishti, and enjoy the sights and sounds of our beautiful Lake Champlain.  To check out pictures go to our photo page.  To sign-up email Lindsay at to get on her list and she call you when its calm, sunny and wonderful on the lake.

SUP Yoga excursion: $100    SUP rental: $50/day   She drops off and picks up.  4 boards available Contact Lindsay for deal and details or group pricing/parties of SUP Yoga.