Ice bath

Most people call me crazy when I go out in the freezing cold and practice Sup Yoga in the Snow (#SUPsnowga).  Understandably they are nervous I will fall in, which I have, twice.  But I have deep trust in my ability to remain calm in difficult situations. Buddhist masters are said to be able to stop their own heart and drop their body temperatures etc. This requires deep concentration and the belief that we can harness the seemingly autonomic bodily processes with the power of our mind and proper consolidation and utilization of our prana. Practicing Yoga teaches us if we just focus and breathe, we can get through anything, as long as we remain calm and keep our minds under control. It's easy to think "oh my god I'm going to die!" when you fall into freezing cold water and believe me it is shocking. But we run into the icy cold lake for the penguin plunge, we go to spas with ice baths, so what's the difference? Our mind. Our mental readiness. Our expectation of cold. So rather than freak out when you fall or fail try to think calmly. We can't let our minds control us, or fear for that matter, we must learn to control our minds. To stay calm when we start to feel out of control. Then when you do fall into that cold abyss you can pull yourself out, you ARE strong enough.  It's when we let our surprise and fear overcome us that we lose control of the situation.  Control your breath, control you mind.  Harness your will.  All that said, #donttrythisathome, always wear a pfd and a wetsuit in cold water, and tell someone where you are going.