Drop-in Schedule


Check website prior to class for cancellations

Sunday 8:00am Vinyasa Flow w/Morgan

Monday          5:45pm Power Vinyasa Flow w/Andrea F.

Tuesday 10:30am Gentle Yoga w/Morgan

Wednesday 5:45pm Vinyasa w/Andrea F.

All Group Classes are $13 for a drop-in.  You can purchase a 10 class card for $120  (1 year Exp. date).  Unlimited monthly class pass is $99.   

Class Descriptions:

Vinyasa Flow-

Vinyasa is a sanskrit word translating to "breath synchronized movement."  These classes will encourage you to stay connected to your breath through a sequence of yoga poses that you can tailor to your ability. You will get an amazing workout that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.  The practice integrates the principles of Hatha Yoga and is meant to act as a moving meditation, encouraging you to tune out the busy anxious mind and bring you to a deeper sense of connection to your body and breath.

Gentle Yoga-

These classes are for all ability levels and are great for beginners and healthy seniors. The slower pace and gentle movements make this class perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basics of yoga.  Modifications will be available to encourage you to deepen your practice at your own pace, making you feel comfortable and capable.

                  Cash and Checks only**

"Yoga is not about doing a headstand or touching your toes.  It doesn't matter how physically flexible you are.  It's not about what poses you can or can't do.  It's about tuning into our bodies and our breath, tuning out the minds endless chatter to create a deep sense of connection.   On the mat we cultivate mindfullness and awareness, noticing how the quality of how we approach each moment and each pose translates into a reflection of how we approach others and the rest our lives.  Even experts were beginners once. There is no judgment in Yoga, just come and practice."  -Lindsay